Learn to surf 

and get the ride of your life! 


Dive deep into the world of surfing and yoga 

with our Surf & Yoga retreat in Scheveningen. 

Learn to ride the waves, to play with the ocean

and to connect to yourself. 


Its a beautiful experience that you wanna be part of!

With great vibes, campfire, a BBQ and lots of fun! 



Yin & Yang


This weekend is all about Yin & Yang. On one hand, you challenge yourself in surfing, you battle the waves and learn to balance on the board. You play with the energy of the waves and learn to balance on them. 


But through the contact with nature, you also come closer to yourself. You connect with the inner part of yourself, your primal strength. In a bold way with surfing, but also in a gentle way through yoga. You feel and listen to the energy within yourself. 


This connection with yourself is one of the beautiful things that surfing and yoga have to offer. When you connect with nature, with yourself, with the waves, you become more balanced. Then you feel your own power, you stand with both feet in the sand and naturally find peace. It's grounding. 


Learn to surf better. 


With 3 surf lessons in one weekend, you can really improve your surfing. We work on your technique and teach you a better posture on your surfboard. Have you never surfed before? No problem! Even then, you can join us and we will teach you the basics of this amazing board sport in no time. With our comprehensive plan, we will guide you step by step through all the ins and outs of surfing on Texel.

Only a few spots lefts!



9 to 11 august 2024


Claim your spot now and book your Surf & Yoga Retreat in Scheveningen.  


Come surfing with Tasha's Surfcamp


Tasha’s Surfcamp is about passion. Passion for surfing, for the ocean and for the people that we work with. We love surfing and we love to teach surfing. It’s not about performance, but its about having fun in the ocean. When you have fun, you will improve your surfing for sure. We work with small groups and we want to give personal attention to all of you.


Tasha’s Surfcamp was founded by Natasha Smit, a Dutch surfer and coach from Scheveningen. She has travelled the world and gave classes in many places, but she decided to create her own surfschool in Scheveningen.  Backed by our foundation we organize surf and yoga retreats in Scheveningen, Texel and other countries like Portugal, Morocco and France. 


Wanna know more about Tasha's Surfcamp? 


Our surfschool Tasha's Surfcamp is located next to Strandpaviljoen La Cantina, at Strandslag 12 in Den Haag. We are on a quiet and more beautiful part of the southern beach of Scheveningen and it's one of the best surfspots in the Netherlands! 


Program of our Surf & Yoga retreat.


DAY 1 




Dinner at the farm 


Campfire sessions 


We ll get to know each other, 

have a drink near the fire 

and we'll enjoy the farmer's life.



2 Surf classes


Yoga class & meditation




BBQ on the farm


Learn to ride the waves. We teach you the basics of surfing and give you a deeper understanding of the ocean. 





Yoga & meditation 




This retreat is about yin and yang. We challenge ourselves outside in the ocean and afterwards we curl up on our yoga mats.

By connecting to the ocean, you connect to yourself.  




Special Offer Surf & Yoga Retreat Scheveningen


Two nights of accommodation in our warm and cozy farm

  Professional Surf classes 

BBQ & Camp fire sessions. Good vibes!

Yoga & Meditation

Get a deeper understanding of the ocean. Connect to nature and come closer to yourself

Delicious, biological food made by a certified chef

Join our loving and warm surf community



One of the best surf schools which I ever visited. I love the energy & friendly team there. All teachers do there best. During the group lessons it’s always very personal with each of us. Wonderful location. Always good organization of events. Thank You Guys! can’t wait till next lessons

Katie Katerina

a client  & now surfer


Excellent surfschool, the teachers don't only teach you to get up on your board, there is a strong focus on mind set, reading the ocean and overall surf safety. 

So much so, there is now a dedicated safety class with recovery training.

Teachers are friendly and make sure to give everyone tailored advice.

Siebe Ekels



Natasha is top, patient and she also pushes you to get the best out of yourself.  She looks at your potential and starts working from there. Her coaching is very accessible and I definitely recommend it.